The Secret Confessions of a convenience store owner INSIDER who has worked with over 500+ Convenience Store Owners

Find out what he knows that 95% of Smart, Successful Convenience Store Owners DON’T… that can cause you to undervalue your business… pay more tax than required… and leave you unprepared to control the destiny of your business.

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If you are planning or considering selling your business in the next 12-24 months Terry’s book “Selling with CertaintyStraightforward Advice for Cashing in on the Full Value of Your Business is a must read.

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About the Book

Selling With Certainty

Smart people can and do make dumb decisions when selling their businesses. Don’t be one of them—and leave millions of dollars on the table in the process!

In Selling with Certainty, accomplished market maker and four-time author Terry Monroe shares stories of how successful businesspeople who unknowingly left millions of hard-earned dollars on the table. Successful business owners are successful for one reason. And that is because they are good at what they do and have done it for a long time. But when it comes time to sell their business more often than not, they are inept, because they don’t sell businesses full time for a living instead, they own and operate their successful business.

In Selling with Certainty, you’ll learn how to realistically assess your situation, deal with the business that you have built over the years and maximize the money you will receive when you do decide to cash out of the business.

In Selling with Certainty, you’ll learn how to realistically assess your situation, deal with the business that you have built over the years and maximize the money you will receive when you do decide to cash out of the business.

Selling With Certainty

Having been both a buyer of businesses and a business owner and having owned over 40 different businesses Terry knows firsthand what a business owner goes through when they are thinking about selling their business and what it feels like to go through the process of selling one’s business.

His experience of selling over 800 businesses and working with over 1,000 business owners and buyers over the past 35 years gives him incredible insight of what really transpires between the business owner and their families and buyers of businesses.

Terry’s stories and advice is based on actual people and real-life situations and experienced firsthand experiences, and not from a book where the writer is thinking how a situation should be handled.
It has always been said that we learn from our failures not our successes, but the true sign of a successful individual is to be able to learn from someone else’s failures and not your own.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • Why it is not unusual for a business owner to be reluctant to sell their business when they know they should be selling.
  • How not to get yourself in a situation that could cost thousands and maybe millions of dollars in the selling of your business. .
  • How to recognize if you are part of the “Rule of 72 Club”, which could be the kiss of death for a business owner or their family. .
  • Not to cut yourself short by selling to cheap when you are only going to sell your business once.
    Who are you are going to need to put the sale together and get it done properly? It may surprise you as to what players are needed. .
  • Are you after the bragging rights of making a big sale or are you more interested in putting the most Money into Your Pocket? I tell you how. .
  • When is the best time to sell your business and how long is it going to take to sell the business if everything goes according to plan (And things never go according to plan) .
  • Are you ready to sell or just having a bad day? You can’t be half-pregnant when it comes to selling your business. .
  • Are you self-sabotaging your business? Most convenience store owners aren’t even aware they are doing this…until it’s too late. Find out the signs before it costs you BIG money. .
  • The top 6 reasons business owners procrastinate when it comes to selling. NOT being aware of these could put your financial situation in a very precarious place. .
  • Why it’s critical to use an attorney who has experience with business sale transactions to handle the sale– even if you have an attorney who has handled your business for years. .
  • How to deal with any of the twelve “Dismal D’s” (major and often unexpected things like debt, disease, declining sales, disaster and divorce that force owners to make significant changes). .
  • Timelines and what to expect when you start the selling process.
  • The Process to Selling your business. Receive my detailed process to follow if or when you decide to sell so you are well prepared, avoiding aggravation and ending up empty-handed. .
  • When is the best time to contact your accountant and what to watch out for? .
  • Business Brokers, Investment Bankers and Intermediaries. Which one is right for you? .
  • Have you determined the tax implications of the sale of the business? .
  • Do you have the correct entity structure for putting the most money in your pocket? .
  • What is the difference between appraisals and business valuations? .
  • How to get yourself into the proper mental mindset to sell. .
  • Why business owners consider selling their business and why they don’t sell. .
  • How to get a solid idea of what it will be like if you sell your business– without actually selling it—to give you a true preview of what it will be like should you decide to sell. .
  • The trap more than 50% of business owners fall into when determining what your business is worth. One of the biggest reasons deals fall through, you’ll receive the five questions to answer that will help you avoid this trap and arrive at fair market value.
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About the Author

Terry Monroe is the president and founder of American Business Brokers & Advisors. He is a professional intermediary, a market maker for privately held companies, and has been involved in the sale of more than 800 businesses. He also serves an advisor, consultant, and assists in market valuations. In his thirty-plus years of service, and as an owner himself of 40 different businesses, Terry has a thorough understanding of business growth and enterprise management. His personal ownership portfolio has included national franchises, a retailer with 200+ locations across North America, restaurants, media companies, and petroleum distribution businesses to name a few. Terry enjoys using his wealth of experience to advise business owners regarding valuations, mergers and acquisitions, business sales and consulting with business owners in the preparation of getting oneself and the business ready to be sold and shares this experience in his book Selling with Certainty: Straightforward Advice for Cashing In on the Full Value of Your Business.

This extensive experience has given Terry a thorough understanding of business growth and enterprise management and an expert in the convenience store, retail, and service industries. He shares his “expensive experience” in a ”Financial Insights” guest column for Convenience Store News, and has been featured in many leading sales and business media including The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur magazine, CNN Money, WGN Radio, USA Today, CEOWORLD and Forbes.

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